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The images may not exactly match the product. Prices include VAT and may change without notice. POUPA ENERGIA is not responsible for errors of publication on the website.

All data provided are confidential and are intended to process the delivery of orders and invoicing.

In compliance with the law 67/98 of 26 October 1999 on the protection of personal data the processing of personal data collected on the websites www.poupaenergia.pt and

www.poupaenergia.com is the responsibility of POUPA ENERGIA. All data collected are intended to order management and Marketing.

You can check the status of your orders on our site at www.poupaenergia.pt in the “my account” Area.

All products ordered/reserved, after being available, are reserved until 3 business days, after which period POUPA ENERGIA considers the order/reservation without effect. If you estimate that the reserve will be superior to 3 days please contact our commercial Department.

Guarantee conditions:

All products marketed by POUPA ENERGIA have at least 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects except consumables, batteries and fast wear products.

In products whose warranty exceeds 2 years, the whole process of warranty should be handled by the customer to the manufacturer. Any label shall be removed or modified under the penalty of losing the product warranty.

In case of malfunction, the client must send the product directed to our technical department with the description of the malfunction the most explicit possible because if it´s not possible to verify the malfunction, the product will be returned to the client, getting this responsible for shipping costs.

POUPA ENERGIA is not responsible for the installation or bad handling of the material performed by the customer or by third parties.

POUPA ENERGIA does not perform any exchange or assistance without the cash sale/invoice of the product.

All products with visible physical defects lose the warranty.

All products that present any anomaly should be sent to our care with the respective copy of the purchase invoice and the description of the malfunction by writing and the most detailed possible.

For warranty purposes, only the products in their original box along with the respective cables, accessories, drivers and manuals will be accepted.

For the purpose of technical assistance, the equipment must always be accompanied by the respective cables, accessories, drivers and manuals.

Ownership of the products provided by POUPA ENERGIA is only transmitted to the client after these are fully paid.

POUPA ENERGIA undertakes to comply with the terms of point 1 of article 6 of Decree Law 143/2001 of April 26 which stipulates that, in distance contracts, the final consumer has a period not longer than 14 days to resolve the contract without the payment of any compensation and without having to indicate the reason, since they are in the original sealed packaging, i.e., without being violated. Additionally, we undertake to comply with all current legislation on distance selling and e-commerce, namely Decree Law 143/2001, Decree Law 07/2004 as well as other legal existing rules which apply to this type of business.

In case of non-payment the client shall pay to POUPA ENERGIA expenses and charges arising from judicial recovery of debt, including fees payable to the Lawyer.

For any dispute is chosen the jurisdiction of the District of Oeiras, with express resignation to any other.

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